In order to keep the accomodation clean, safe and easy going, we kindly ask every guests of ours to have a look at the following policy.

Check in, Check out

Check in is from 14.00 daily. We cannot guarantee an early Check in, it always depends on the availability. Check out is at 10.30 daily. if the Guest fails to check out until the deadline, we have the right to charge for the fee of a night.


Every Guest has to provide a valid passport or I.D. card and sign our registration form. By signing the form, the Guest acknowledges that the policies are respected. In case of online booking no form has to be signed, as the Guests accepted all the points of policy already by reserving online.

Arrival, Departure and Payment:

We do not have 24-hours reception, arrival time has to be announced at least a day before the arrival to avoid waiting time for check in.

If you intend to lenghten your stay, please inform us before the last night that you originally booked for.

Payment (for all the nights you booked for) is due before the very first night. We accept Hungarian Forint and Euro.

Written cancellations made six days in advance will be accepted. In case of late cancellation the hostel has the right to charge your credit card with accomodation fee. Airport transfers can be cancelled in written format free of charge 3 days prior the arrival. In case of last minute cancellation (0 to 3 days prior the pick-up date) the full price of the transfer is charged.

Please also note that if you are late more than 3 hours and you do not notify us or we cannot reach you, we might not keep the accomodation.

We have the right to charge deposit in case of group reservation.

Cleaning, Smoking and Noise:

Our neighbour policy requires us to be silent in the Hostel and in the building as well from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

We provide clean sheets, towels and linen to every guests.

Please note that you are not allowed to smoke in the accomodation. We keep an area for this purpose outside the Hostel.

After 10 p.m. you have to be quiet on the terrace and in the building.


Guests can have visitors, but the Hostel has to be informed in advance. Please note that every visitor has to leave the premises until 10 p.m.


In case of a serious breach, or ongoing disrespect of the Hostel Policy, the Guest might be asked to leave the Hostel. In case of causing a serious damage, the Guest is asked to pay for the damage.

Emerald Hostel Management